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At the heart of your vision!

"On the way to excellence, perfection is tolerated." (Heinrich Becker)

The watchword of JUMA23, Business Excellence : PPP.

At JUMA23 we have a Passion : Processes. We consider them as a universal bodylanguage. An indispensable tool to achieve excellence in your Performance !

Our academic and professional expertise allows us to develop in consideration with our client atypical and creative solutions that take him to the core itself of his vision on management processes.

Our passionate experience in the odyssey of ISO processes allows us, through its charts and operational flows, to create processes and performance indices in order to provide a revealing transparency to the business model of our client.

The feedback we get from our precious clients that succeeded in harmonizing their processes thanks to our team is explicit: they experience process development as the feeling they have finally unveiled the common language spoken in their company. Comprehension enhances listening. Listening leads to an overall picture. This systematic approach allows all company members to proceed in the same direction, regardless of the departments or countries which they work in. It’s at this very moment that our client is in the heart itself of performance.

1. Analysis, design, implementation and monitoring of management processes


Fields of activities:

Information als Erfolgsfaktor
Paul van Marcke. Was Bananenkurven, perfekte Bestellung und E-Business verbindet. in: Bernd Britzelmaier/Stephan Geberl (Hrsg.). Information als Erfolgsfaktor. B.G. Teubner, 2000, S.269-278, ISBN 3-519-00317-1, 2001.
ProjektKompass eLogistik
Paul van Marcke. ProjektKompass eLogistik. Effiziente B2B-Lösungen: Konzeption, Implementierung, Realisierung. Vieweg Verlag. Bertelsmann Media Systems, 2002, ISBN 3-528-05789-0,(308 pages).

2. Examples of industrial process design, HTML conversion, implementation and monitoring experiences:

Le futur Motivatiebeleid Personeelsbeleid

3. Examples of academic process design, implementation and monitoring experiences:

Uitmuntendheid Strategie Toekomstperspectief

4. Seminars / WorkshopsSéminaires

We organize on a regular basis, or on special request of companies, seminars about business excellence. These seminars are given in French, Deutsch, English and Dutch. For more information, please contact Paul Van Marcke +32 (0) 472 53 99 16.

Raving Fans! The jump to loyal customers. Ref PPP01

Principles and instruments as a means for stepping up sales thanks to increased customer loyalty, based on customer potential rather than just historic sales data.

CPO Customer Perfect Order. Ref PPP02

A seamless process between order taking and payment by the customer is part of operations excellence. Customer Perfect Order is a key performance indicator as for customer’s satisfaction from the moment of ordering on to delivery. It combines performances of the sales department, provision channels and logistics. If 60% is the degree of perfection achieved in the Sales Order Process, this means that four out of ten orders are experienced by the customers as flat disasters. Pure and simple. What to do about this ?

Customer Satisfaction Survey with 600,000 + customer interviews annually. Ref PPP03

Process design for mass producing personal customer interviews with HTML implementation. With results immediately shown on the web.

The interaction between purchase intent and market share. Ref PPP04

Measurable and controllable link between purchase intent and market share.

Cost of Contact. Ref PPP05

The cost of a customer contact per sales channel is a true necessity but of which the real price often slips our mind.

Product development strategies. Ref PPP06

Practical networking of Controlling and Marketing models for building up an international consumer products range.

Real cost of an item number. Ref PPP07

The real cost of ownership of an item number of a saleable product. The devil is in the details.

Product pruning strategies and exit strategy or success through streamlining a product range. Ref PPP08

The ideal product range: The core role of Product Management. Only models well-proven in practice can help product management prune efficiently or even proceed to a total exit of a consumer product range. Strategy, Implementation, Monitoring.